Let's Talk Pen Vaporizers


With all the hype about pen vaporizers in the market today, people tend to buy one without the know-how then end up ripping their wallet on a vaporizer that they are not completely satisfied with. With a lot of factors to consider, finding the right one can be alittle daunting. For this reason, we provide you with some important details to consider before looking and splurging on a new pen vaporizers for sale.



Vape pens are classified according to three different types of materials, these are e-liquids or oils, dry herb and wax concentrates. Know which material you plan on using it with as vape pen varies for each substance and the quality of vape relies on the proper device used. Fortunately, there are some astonishing 3-in-1 products out on the market which can handle all types of substance.



Carefully take into account how much you are willing to spend into buying your own pen vaporizer. A complete setup, which is usually packaged as a basic kit includes the three parts of a vape pen: the vaporizer, the atomizer and the charger. The price of a regular pen vaporizer which comes with a handy carrying case can cost to as low as $30-$50, whereas a high quality starter kit can cost up to the $300 mark.



Vape pens are not identical with each other so it is important that you determine the size and weight of the device that you are comfortable with. Most vapes can fit into your pocket or purse and often look like the usual things you carry on your bag. However, pen vaporizers for sale that work with multiple materials often comes with different components which you can switch out to work for different materials each time you want to use them. Click here to buy pen vaporizer that suits your own personal needs.



The atomizer is the part of the vaporizer that heats the herbs or concentrates. Figure out whether you want atomizers with wicks or without. There are fiberglass contents on most atomizers that has wicks on them, which can be harmful to the body when inhaled, so you might want to choose otherwise.


Charging the device should also be considered. There are pens that uses the regular AA battery and there are those which battery is internal or rechargeable. The devices may come with different kinds of chargers such as USB or mounted on the wall. The most common battery for vape pens today ae the lithium ion batteries as these provide longer battery life and durability. Choose the one that is convenient to you and that which you can use anytime, anywhere without worrying.



There are vapes with thick, smoky hits everytime while others are easy and quick to vape. Regardless of what type of material you are vaping, temperature control on a vape pen is essential. Vape pens will come in different voltage and wattage to measure the heat. Usually the amount of heat will affect the taste of the vapor.



Make sure to check for the warranty as this is very important. A manufacturer with long warranties on its vape pens shows that they are backing up their products.



No matter what Pen vaporizer for sale you see, make sure you check all these categories to know exactly what you are getting.



Now you are all filled up on details it is time to buy vaporizer online.


So, a couple of days ago, I was relaxing with my bong and scrolling through the news.  I was thinking how great it would be to have a cup of ice cream right now – the combination would be simply amazing, wouldn’t it?

Well, it turns out I’m not the first to consider the idea. Apparently, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield (you guessed right, the men behind the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream) would pretty much like to introduce a cannabis-flavored ice cream to the market.


The duo already has flavors such as Half Baked (not the film), which speaks for itself.  It, of course, caused a great stir in America but that’s not the interesting part.

It seems that, despite their best intentions, we will have to wait a while before replacing the cheap plastic bongs with cannabis-flavored ice cream. The duo admitted that the decision was out of their hands and they don’t actually run anything. However, it is still a giant step and I admire their courage to speak up and especially endorse the legalization of cannabis. Right now, cannabis is legal in several US states – Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Alaska. And who knows, maybe in a couple of years’ time we would all be able to use our plastic bongs freely and enjoy a cannabis ice cream from time to time? If you are ready to do so then check out this quick post on how to buy a bong https://bongscheap.wordpress.com/2016/04/25/lets-talk-about-bongs/


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About Bongs

The most amazing facts on bongs for me is the way they make that herb smoke taste so refreshing, because lets face it, smoking is a little dirty so for it to taste nice is a surprise. Out of all the ways to smoke herb using bongs is the best choice.